An Interview With: Bill Haas

BILL HAAS   I’m right there but the leaders are probably going to go a couple more.  I got 11 going to 15, I’m thinking I can get this to 12 at the worse and so to finish at 10 I do feel like I left some out there and maybe got myself too far back but, like you said, make some birdies early tomorrow you never know.

Q.  Bad start on 1.  You rebounded nicely.

BILL HAAS:  Yeah.  Certainly don’t want to bogey the first hole, 3-wood and wedge.  Tomorrow, get off the a better start.

Q.  When it’s bunched like this, what is the mindset of everybody on Sunday?

BILL HAAS:  You’re going to see a winner shoot 64, 5 tomorrow so I certainly think I might need 63.  So it’s proven that it can be done.  You get weather like this again with not much breeze, I think it can be shot.

Q.  Do you think about the moving day aspect, you had it going there, whatnot, tailed a little bit off in the end?  How tough is it to get yourself in contention on Saturday in a tournament?

BILL HAAS:  Yeah.  I think today was a perfect example for me.  If I would have finished at 12 I’m kind of right on their heels.  All of a sudden, I might be 4, 5 back going into tomorrow.  Sometimes that’s too much to overcome, especially on a course where people are making a lot of birdies.

Q.  Do you think you can shoot a 63?

BILL HAAS:  I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I could shoot it.


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