Wyndham Championship Tournament Committee

The Wyndham Championship tournament committee is a group of nearly year-round volunteers that is led by the tournament’s general chairman, the tournament’s lead volunteer. Each of these talented tournament leaders works directly with the tournament’s professional staff to lead the volunteers in each area of tournament operations.

People who serve on the tournament committee have many years of experience volunteering at the Wyndham Championship and have often worked in multiple areas of the tournament. When a volunteer is selected as the general chairman, it is an honor indicative of that person having extensive knowledge of all areas of tournament operations and the ability to step into any situation and assist as needed. The general chairman works directly with the tournament director, and often times, returns to the tournament committee after serving as general chairman. Membership on the tournament committee is by invitation.

Members of the 2022 committee are below with the areas of tournament operations they represent:

2022 General Chairman: Phil Cathcart

  • Food & Beverage: Zac Engle & Kyle Teschke
  • Player Services: Mark Ingram (2014 General Chairman)
  • Operations: Erin Winters (2013 General Chairman) & Kari Sells
  • Parking: Lindley Ivey (2010 General Chairman)
  • Pro-Ams: Jay Horton
  • Security: Mike Ebel (2019 General Chairman)
  • Sponsor Services: Robert Bain & Carolyn Walters (2015 General Chairman)
  • Transportation: Jim Gentry & Jim Turner
  • Tournament Liaison: Mike Barber (2012 General Chairman)
  • Past General Chairman: Will McPherson
  • Member at Large: Marc Bush
  • Member at Large: Mark Messick
  • Member at Large: Derek Mobley
  • Member at Large: Randy Williard
  • 2023 General Chairman: Mike Brubaker

Volunteer Options

When you become a volunteer for the Wyndham Championship, you have many choices of where to spend your time. Our volunteers do everything from driving golf carts to distributing food and drinks to cleaning golf balls.

which role is right for me?




The Volunteer Cart Committee is responsible for the fleet of Volunteer golf carts. Cart Volunteers will assign carts and drive Volunteers to their assigned locations around the course. Most importantly, Volunteers working this area should be aware of cart etiquette. Valid Driver’s License is required.

Competition Support


The Competition Support Committee will be the new external umbrella term for our ShotLink scoring and competition support volunteers. These volunteers will still use ShotLink, a state-of-the-art system for collecting and distributing real-time scoring and statistical data. The Competition Support Committee is comprised of three sub-committees:
  • Location Based Operators
    • Laser and tablet operators will continue to be stationed on the fairways and greens to capture ball position and enable real-time distance data and statistics.
  • Spotters
    • Assist with tracking and locating a player’s ball in flight and post landing, both at the teeing area and the landing zone.
    • What is a Spotter?
  • Walking Scorers
    • Track scores and record data that is relayed in real time to scoreboards, network broadcasts and digital platforms around the world.
    • What is a Walking Scorer?
    • *Note: Because of the popularity of this committee combined with the low availability of positions, a code is needed to register for the Walking Scoring committee. If you are interested in more information, please e-mail

Gallery Management


Gallery Management Ambassadors are given a unique inside and outside-the-ropes tournament experience. They are responsible for managing gallery noise & traffic; ensuring the safety of our guests by reinforcing health & safety policies; leading by example; and providing a world class guest experience. 
Gallery Management Ambassadors are assigned to the teeing area, fairway and green of a specific hole (1 – 18), or to high traffic areas such as practice locations, cross walks, and hospitality areas. The Gallery Management Ambassadors can be assigned to one of the following locations:
  • Tee, Fairway, Green & High-Traffic Ambassadors
    • Ensure the safety of our guests and promote safety policies
    • Know your role and area/Able to answer questions
    • Protect the integrity of the competition
    • Manage gallery noise & traffic
    • Protect errant golf shots hit outside the ropes and keeping gallery from our players/caddies
    • Provide exceptional guest service
  • Cross Walk Ambassadors
    • Ensure the safety of our guests and promote safety policies
    • Ensure players and caddies have a safe way to cross from one hole to the next
    • Monitor gallery noise & traffic
    • Monitor cart movement on cart paths
    • Provide exceptional guest service
  • Roving Ambassadors 
    • Ensure the safety of our guests and promote safety policies
    • Follow specific playing groups to assist with larger galleries
    • Manage gallery noise & traffic
    • Manage crowd when rope line is dropped during errant shots
    • Provide exceptional guest service

Guest Services


Volunteers are to greet and interact with patrons in various areas on the golf course. This multi-faceted position includes a wide range of duties which require superior customer service skills.

Merchandise Shop


Volunteer responsibilities include friendly greeting customers, assisting customers, cash/card handling, and performing other sales and merchandising duties as directed, such as; maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of the Merchandise Shop.



This area is primarily responsible with the general setup and maintenance of the tournament. It includes coordination with vendors to set up scoreboards, televisions, golf carts, hospitality structures, signs, fencing and various other items. Manual labor is a primary function of this position, and can include lifting of heavy boxes, shoveling mulch, installing televisions, driving stakes in the ground, and more.

Practice Range


Volunteers are asked to staff the range throughout the week to clean and sort the various brands of golf balls, as well as continually update the nameplates behind the pros.

Special Needs


This position will assist handicapped spectators and those in need of extra attention. Volunteers will greet those spectators as they exit the handicap shuttle and provide information and maps as to viewing areas throughout the golf course that are set up just for handicapped individuals. Shuttles to different areas of the course may be available as well so volunteers would be asked to drive these individuals to certain points on the golf course and assist them onto/off the viewing areas.

Sponsor Services


Volunteers are needed to service the hospitality skyboxes and luxury suites in several areas of the golf course. You will work with the catering staff, bartenders, cleaning/trash crews and others to ensure each area is properly stocked and cleaned. Duties include greeting corporate sponsors, stocking of ice/cups/napkins/drinks, basic cleanup of the areas, and coordination with the sponsor contacts to meet their needs.

Standard Bearer


Standard bearers walk the entire 18 holes with a walking scorer carrying a 5 lb. standard sign with players’ names. Standard bearers are responsible for posting each player’s score in relation to par as a way to keep the gallery informed. Volunteers must be capable of walking 18 holes with the standard sign. Knowledge of golf, scoring and etiquette is beneficial.

Because of the popularity of this committee combined with the low availability of positions, a code is needed to register for the Standard Bearer committee. If you are interested in more information, please e-mail Standard Bearer Chairman, Frank Hughes at:

Tee Box Drink Distribution


This job includes restocking drinks to the tee box coolers several times per day by golf cart as well as assisting in inventory control and cooling drinks prior to use on course. Some light lifting is required. This job offers a great way to watch golf all over the course while volunteering.



Volunteers will be involved in the teardown process following the tournament. This position involves lifting, tearing down structures, removing signage, and much more. Manual labor is a primary function of this position.

Transportation Greeters


Volunteers are asked to work the bus loading/unloading area at the tournament’s main entrance, greeting spectators as they arrive and helping spectators load onto the correct bus for their corresponding lots upon departure.

Volunteer Clothing


The Volunteer Clothing committee is focused on supplying all Wyndham Championship Volunteers with their uniform package–this includes shirts, hats, credentials & tickets, string bags and any other items that are provided by our sponsor. Major duties include clothing package assembly and clothing distribution. Also, there is a need for Volunteers during the week of the tournament from Monday through Sunday. For this committee, it is essential that you are Volunteer-friendly and accommodating.

Volunteer Food


This position involves sorting, packaging, and delivering the snacks, drinks, and lunches to volunteers throughout the course. The ability to be outdoors, drive or ride along in a golf cart, and light walking are a must. To maintain consistency during the tournament we are requesting a three-day minimum, but it is not required.