An Interview With: Bobby Gates

Q. You gave it a serious push to get into The Playoffs.  I guess you knew where you stood.

BOBBY GATES:  Pretty much.  Kind of coming in the week knew we needed a Top-10.  Had a great chance today.  I good Lord gave me an opportunity to do it today and I’m glad we got to play.


Q.  You must fell a certain good feeling, lot of satisfaction the run that you made there on the back-9. 

BOBBY GATES:  Yeah.  It was nice to come out this morning and get some momentum going.  I had a great chance.  I hit a bad tee shot and 18 and hit a great wedge, I thought it was going up perfectly and didn’t go far enough.


Q.  So what do you do now for the next five weeks?  What’s in the plans?  Obviously you wanted to play The Barclays.  What are the plans now?

BOBBY GATES:  Take some time off.  I gave it a good run this year.  I played a lot of good golf.  Haven’t gotten things going my way.  For now, go back, regroup, relax, go fishing and hang out at home.


Q.  Get away from it a little bit?

BOBBY GATES:  Absolutely.  We’re looking forward to our own bed.


Q.  Good job today.  Just kind of almost you were in contention — almost kind of in contention today for the tournament but just more for getting in The Playoffs. 

Just want to get the adrenaline going.  Kind of helpful going forward when you tee it up again in a few weeks?

BOBBY GATES:  Yeah.  Just always be about position, no matter whether it’s a tournament, makes The Playoffs.  There’s goals we have to begin the year.  One of my goals was to make The Playoffs.  I came pretty close today.  I just learn from it, try and do better next time and see if we can improve.


Q.  You’ve been number 126 before, right, so I mean you got a few more weeks of motivation to get back there.  How does the game feel?

BOBBY GATES:  It feels great.  Almost missed the cut this week and birdied a few holes coming in.  So, you know, going from on the outside looking in where I finished this week, I’m pretty happy with it.  Kind of wish I could play next week to keep it going but that’s what happens sometimes.


Q.  How much did you think just about the FedExCup Points kind of over the weekend and especially today?

BOBBY GATES:  I didn’t really think about it too much.  I just wanted to play the best I could and just try to experience as much trust as I could out there and it didn’t work out.  I made one bad swing on 18 and kick myself a little later for that but it’s all good.  Go back and relax now.


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