An Interview With: Bud Cauley

Q.   Great finish.  Starting at 15 you put the hammer down, didn’t you?

BUD CAULEY:  Yeah.  I finished strong.  I started off really well and went into a lull and then had two birdies at the finish.

Q.  I followed you a lot this year and this week.  You show a lot of patience for a young man.  Has somebody preached that to you?  Are you making a conscious effort to show that much patience out there?

BUD CAULEY:  Tony picks out a spot and I try to hit it there.

Q.  I noticed a lot of talking going on out there.  Does Tony help you?

BUD CAULEY:  He’s been out here a long time, seen a lot of great golf.  When I’m out there try to learn as much as I can and, like I said, do what he tells me.

Q.  Yesterday you missed some drives in the rough.  Today you seemingly got it back.  Did you work on that yesterday after the round?

BUD CAULEY:  I’ve been — it’s kind of the way my driving has been.  I hit good ones and some reason I hit like two, three in a row where it’s kind of squirely.  I’m not sure.

I’ve been fortunate last few days to be able to find it and hit it in the fairways again.  I’ll go out, work on it a little bit now.  See if I can keep it in the fairways tomorrow.

Q.  How excited are you about tomorrow?  You’re in obviously a great position.

BUD CAULEY:  Going to be a lot of fun.  I love this golf course.  I’ve got to keep trying to do what I’m doing.  See what happens.

Q.  You’ve played so many amateur events as a junior and in college.  Is this any different than that or is this just another Sunday and another tournament?

BUD CAULEY:  You know, when you’re out there and playing it really feels like the same thing.  Obviously back then, you know, whatever tournament you’re in it’s always the most important thing to you at that time so I don’t think your nerves change too much.  It’s good to put yourself in that position so you can learn from it.

Q.  Keep playing well, keep listening to Tony.  It’s working.

BUD CAULEY:  Thanks, appreciate it.

Q.  Still have a chance coming Sunday.  Talk about your golf.

BUD CAULEY:  Yeah, played really solid.  I got off to a great start.  Went through a little bit of a lull in the middle of the round.  Finished with some birdies to catch back up with those guys.

Q.  What did that do for you going into tomorrow having a strong finish?  Maybe that will help.  Give you momentum going into tomorrow.

BUD CAULEY:  Yeah.  Sometimes you can carry some of the momentum from day-to-day.  More than anything it’s just going to put me in obviously a better position going into tomorrow and just got to try and get off to a good start.

Q.  Looking at Saturday of a PGA TOUR tournament, it is moving day.  Chance to get yourself back into contention.  Was that in the back of your mind at all coming into today?

BUD CAULEY:  Not really.  Even going back to college you wake up and it’s moving day.  Obviously not thinking about when you’re out there, just trying to hit the best shots I can and give yourself a chance tomorrow.

Q.  Have you played in this tournament before?

BUD CAULEY:  I played last year.


Q.  The greens, your thoughts about the course?

BUD CAULEY:  It’s playing great.  If you hit the ball in the fairway you can still make some birdies like everyone did last year.  Get in the rough with the firms conditions, it’s definitely more penal.



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