An interview with: Cameron Tringale

MARK STEVENS: Okay. I’d like to welcome Cameron Tringale and, Cameron, kind of flown under the radar this year.

You’re 61st in the FedExCup standings heading into The Playoffs.  Comes a year after you made like five cuts I think last year, lost your card, regained it at Q-School.

You’re also T-2 in the Kodak Challenge.  You’ve got a lot going on here as we enter The Playoffs and Fall Series.

You kind of want to talk about your mindset going into The Playoffs and what you’re thinking about your year so far.

CAMERON TRINGALE:  Yeah.  Like you said, Mark, I’ve had a much better year than last year and I would say that just being more comfortable out here is the biggest thing, getting used to playing against the cut and kind of knowing that you don’t have to play your best to have some good weeks out here.

So get off to a good start early in the year I think was important for me and build a little confidence and got on a bit of a roll the last couple months.  I had some few Top-10s in a row and just playing some consistently good golf and feel like wherever I tee it up I’ll have a pretty good chance.

MARK STEVENS:  Also there’s three Californians leading the Kodak Challenge.  Have you guys all talked about it, are you aware of where you’re at?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  Aware of where I’m at, yeah.  Actually having lived in Vegas last year where we’re all former Vegas residents so maybe we’ll have to get some odds on who is going to take it down this year, but definitely aware of it and trying not to give it too much thought.

Earlier in the year I found a bit distracting just to think about that one hole, you know, instead of thinking about playing the course and trying to do well in that tournament.  It was kind a micro focus on the Kodak Challenge.  So it’s in the back of my mind now and, you know, hopefully at the end it will be at the front.

MARK STEVENS:  All right.  Questions?


Q.  Talk about that one hole because here that one hole there’s going to be some wild swings, potentially 15 here.

CAMERON TRINGALE:  Par 5, you’ve got a good chance for an eagle there.  It’s a reachable hole and, you know, with a good week — Charley and — Charley and I are two back of Bill right now.

We’re probably going to need — one of us will need an eagle because a birdie is almost a sure thing.  So I’ll be gunning for a 3 there this week.


Q.  Can you talk a little bit about the learning curve, you know, when you first get out on Tour and how hard it is to — or easy, whatever to be comfortable?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  Yeah.  I think for me having gotten straight out here from college, I didn’t have a lot of experience just playing professional events.  My first event as a pro were on Tour so in college and amateur golf you’re guaranteed to play all four days.

It’s not even a thought but getting out here and kind of — everyone told me you got to make some cuts on the West Coast to reshuffle and get in some more tournaments at the end of the year.

Kind of my goals early on were let’s survive and make a couple cuts.  I think now I’ve realized that the goal is not to make cuts because you can make every cut and not keep your card.  It’s about having a few, hopefully, really good weeks.

So my shift has gone from — has gone to okay, how can we play — plan to play well to win the tournament and then, you know, next thing you know you’re not even near the cut because you’re playing well with more attention on good golf instead of just trying to scrape by.


Q.  Do you work with a sports psychologist or cover that realization by yourself?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  I do have a sports psychologist who I’ve been working with for a number of years but just — I think it’s something that someone can tell you you need to do this but until you experience it yourself, doesn’t mean the same thing.

So having been out there and gone through the downs, I’ve kind of learned my lessons as far as how to attack the weeks.


Q.  Is there something different in your game this year?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  To be honest, I feel like my short game and putting has improved a little bit.  I don’t know what the stats show on any of that but, you know, I think it’s gotten a little better.

I don’t think it’s gotten as much better as my year has been this year.  I feel like if I had the same game I had last year but with the experience, I’d be doing much better than I did last year regardless of my skill set.


Q.  Let’s talk about the Wyndham Championship itself.  What are your expectations this week for yourself and what do you think the most difficult holes on the course will be on Sunday and the pin positions?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  Well, the most difficult holes — I would say 18 for sure.  You can’t look past the finishing hole.  You know, hopefully on Sunday I’ll be right there in the mix and so any hole gets a little tougher when you’re in the heat of it.  I mean that’s just a tough hole regardless.

14, that dogleg left is a pretty tough hole especially if you get the wind coming off the left, it will be tough to get the ball in the fairway.

But, I mean those are the two toughest holes for sure.  You’re going to have a lot of birdie chances on this course and so my expectations are to — or my goal is to give myself a lot of chances, just to try and play — hit a lot of greens, make sure I stay in the fairway.

The rough is a little bit of a pain this week.  That bermuda, you can get a lot of jumpers and also some duds.  So, keeping the ball in the fairway and giving yourself a chance for birdie on the green is where I’m going to try and go this week.


Q.  One more question about the course and its conditions.  Any problems adapting or adopting to the sand at this course versus the sand at Atlanta?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  Yeah.  The sand last week was very challenging but I’d say the sand this week is some of the best we have all year.  It’s nicely packed.  It’s pretty thin so you can spin the ball.

And also the greens are much softer and slower this week.  So I got in yesterday and spent a little extra time this morning on the putting green just trying to adjust to the speed.  As you know, they’re probably two feet slower than they were last week.


Q.  Cameron, you played really well at Greenbrier.  Similarities between just the feel here and there?  A little bit?

CAMERON TRINGALE:  A little bit, yeah.  Now that you say that, I wouldn’t have thought that but you know now that you’re saying it I can see the greens are probably similar speeds.


Q.  And yet receptive?  Arjun said he felt they were more receptive.

CAMERON TRINGALE:  They’re very receptive here.  At the Greenbrier they put the new greens in.  They’re a little firmer this year than last year.  Here they’re very soft.  You can stop the ball right where it lands pretty much from the fairway.

MARK STEVENS:  Everybody good?  All right.  Thanks a lot, Cameron.  Good luck this week.



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