An Interview with: CAMILO VILLEGAS

Q.  Camilo, never the easy way.  You come in at 125.  You do make the cut.  Today you start with a bogey.  Even that last 5-footer was a little knee-knocker, but you got it done.  Congratulations.

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah.  Moving on to the first playoff event, I’m excited.  I have a little bittersweet taste right now since I hit a lot of shots close today and I missed — I think I missed maybe a 6-footer on 8, a 6-footer on 9, then where else did I miss?  On 13 I missed another 6-footer and 15 I missed a 3-footer.

What can I say?  Some good par saves, good things out of this week.  Every time I look at that board it was a little tough to stay in the present and the not think about the putts I was missing because I was making ground and I’m like, man, I have a chance to make it a special week, and all said and done, I think try to contend in the golf tournament but the other goal was accomplished moving to The Playoffs and we’ll see what happens.

Q.  You know more than anything anybody what can happen in The Playoffs.

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  I’ve had a chance the play good in The Playoffs.  It’s always crazy what can happen because the point system is so crazy and anything can happen.

Q.  Feel like you really feel good about your day going in now?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  It’s moving in the right direction.  It’s been a long year.  Hopefully we can slip a Top-10.  Anytime you finish Top-10 it’s nice.  You see what the boys got to do.

They’ve got the 15th hole and make some birdies there.  We’ll see.  I played some interesting golf this week.

  1. Great job, great performance.  Good luck next week.


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