CAMILO VILLEGAS: Kind of re-thinking where I hit it on the golf course and pretty interesting.  Par save on 18.  Definitely a good score.  It wasn’t as good as yesterday.  Yesterday I hit 17 greens.  I still think I hit a bunch of greens today but didn’t hit them from the fairway.

Q.  You got to feel good about getting to the weekend and improving your position.

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Yeah.  I need to make the cut, first things first.  Birdie 2 and 3 to get started which was nice and have a nice eagle try on 5 that I missed.

I won’t stop trying.  I’ll be back tomorrow and keep grinding.  I’ll go hit the range right now and try to hit it better and see what happens.

Q.  Got it going.  Then in the middle of the round you hit in it some interesting spots.  Some great birdies and pars.  What did you think out there?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  It might have been fun to watch but it was a grind out there.  It’s interesting when you say I shot 64 grinding.  But it was.  I wasn’t hitting it from the middle of the fairway.  Great birdie on 10, great birdie on 17 and unbelievable par save on 18.  I did what I needed to do, make the putt and get myself in position and now it’s time to have some fun.

Q.  You talked about 17, talked about 18.  I didn’t think you would get it on the green at 9 and you did.  I didn’t think you would get it on the green on 11 and you did.

You hit some great shots out there when you needed to.  That has to give you a lot of encouragement.

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  That one on 9, nipped the branch and went right and I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to cut it and it’s hard to cut the ball from this rough.  It’s actually hard to advance the ball from the rough.

Then on 11 my clubhead slipped a little bit and I was in a bad spot there.  You think of that hole, you can’t miss, you can’t miss long and from where I was it was pretty tough to hit the green but I’ll take 4 from there any day and just run to the next hole.

Q.  At what point during the round were you able to stop thinking about I have to make the cut, I got there?

CAMILO VILLEGAS:  Well, it was nice to get started with the birdie on 2 and 3 and then it just kind of opened and I have a better flow.  I played nice the first 7 holes.  From then on I wasn’t in trouble but I was able to get out from there.



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