An Interview With: Carl Pettersson

Q.  Late in your round yesterday you cracked your driver.  Fortunately for you, you’re commuting back and forth from Raleigh, so you can go into your garage and pull out your backup driver.

How much confidence did you have when you hit the first tee with that backup driver?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I hit it in the rough.  Overall, it was pretty good.  There was some uncertainty for sure but, overall, I hit the driver pretty good.  I cracked it on my 17th hole yesterday and just one of those things that happens.

Q.  As the round progressed, did you feel more comfortable, because you looked that way on the scorecard?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I didn’t have much game at all today, really.  I was pretty tired.  My swing wasn’t feeling great.  I felt, overall, 68 was great, actually.

Q.  What mentality do you have as a past champion and you obviously have a win here, you have now heading into the weekend?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Obviously around here you still got to shoot low, you got to keep going low.  I think the lead is 12 right now, if I’m not wrong.  Going to try to get up to 18, 19-under and see what happens.

Q.  Bonus that you’re just finished.  They blew the horn.  We don’t know what’s going to happen for the next few hours.

CARL PETTERSSON:  Yes, it’s definitely nice to get done.  I’m going to drive back tonight home and get some rest and see if I can find my swing on the way back.

Q.  We talked about this actually throughout the year.  You were born in Sweden.  You have dual citizenship in Sweden and the United States but, unfortunately, because you’re not a European Tour member you won’t make it. 

Because of the rules you have to be a U.S. citizen prior to 18 or born here.  You can’t make the U.S. team.  You’re a man without a country.

CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah.  Little pressure.

Q.  Is it frustrating?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Obviously, you know, I had a chance, I could have joined the European Tour at the beginning of the year.  Such a hard time playing at least 13 events on the European Tour and playing a bunch over here and being competitive on both Tours is very difficult.

I decided to concentrate on the PGA TOUR and try to do as well as I could over here and hopefully if I do something special here in the next few years maybe I’ll get a pick but it’s sort of out of my control.  I’m happy with the way I’m playing.

Q.  You have a lot of NC State fans, lot of local fans because you have local ties. 

CARL PETTERSSON:  Certainly it’s nice playing in front of ever them.  It’s been fun.

Q.  Carl that eagle on 15 must have felt good.  Talk about your second round.

CARL PETTERSSON:  I struggled today.  I struggled early on.  Didn’t have much today but I thought it was a good come back shooting 4-under from 9 onwards and 2-under par was okay today with the game that I had and hopefully I can hit the ball better on the weekend and have a chance.

Q.  Did you crack a driver yesterday? 

CARL PETTERSSON:  My gamer broke on the 8th hole which was the 17th hole.  I used the backup driver today.  It was okay.  I hit it pretty good.  I’ll keep that in the bag for the weekend.

Q.  Right in contention here again at Sedgefield.  You love this place.  Just your thoughts going into the weekend.  Game plan doesn’t change, keep pedal to the metal?

CARL PETTERSSON:  It’s low scoring here.  I got to keep playing aggressive, put the ball in play and then try to make some birdies and have a low weekend.  It’s nice to be up there with a chance to win.




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