An Interview With: Carl Pettersson

CARL PETTERSSON:  I hit some decent shots that didn’t turn out.  Played solid, though, played better than yesterday and yeah, hopefully I’m not too far back but I’m still within a chance.


Q.  After that great opening round, you kind of leveled off a little bit but maybe you’ll get it back for Sunday.

CARL PETTERSSON:  Hopefully I can have one more deep one in there.  I think that’s what it’s going to take tomorrow.  You have to shoot lights out tomorrow.  I’ve done it before so I know I can do it.


Q.  Have you figured out what it is the last few days that’s just not quite right?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Haven’t hit it close enough and haven’t had enough putts.  I didn’t play very good yesterday.  Yesterday was a good 68.  I played pretty decent today, steady but nothing spectacular.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get something going.


Q.  Pretty sporty up and down there at 18.  That’s a tough hole especially when you drive it in the rough.

CARL PETTERSSON:  That hole was all about the drive.  If you can hit the fairway, you can have an 8, 9-iron in there.  It’s very difficult from the rough.  It was nice to get up and down.


Q.  For tomorrow the key, be patient.  You know birdies are out there, right?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Hit the fairways and attack from there and hopefully get the putter rolling.


Q.  Where are you today?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I wish I could have got a couple more.  I felt like I hit it pretty good today.  The putter didn’t cooperate as good as Day 1 and Day 2.  I’ve got a chance.  I’m not sure what Sergio did but I wish I could have got a couple more birdies coming in but that’s the way it goes.


Q.  How much confidence do you fell like you have being that you won the tournament on this golf course?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah, definitely got good vibes here.  Like I said, I’ve won here in the past and had some great rounds so hopefully tomorrow I’ll shoot a low one and we’ll see.


Q.  Can you recall what you did that Sunday when you won here and what you learned from then heading into tomorrow?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I think I had a four shot lead starting the day and I think I shot 2-under.  I kind of held them off there.  I’m going to need a low one tomorrow but I’ve done it before.  I hope I can do it again.


Q.  Shoot-out, another shoot-out tomorrow.

CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah.  I kind of wish I could have gotten to 14 today but I played solid today.  Just didn’t quite make enough birdies and made a couple of stupid bogies but that’s the way it goes sometimes and I did my best and a great up and down on 18, which was nice.


Q.  Your experience on this course being a member, the whole 9 yards, is that going to help you tomorrow, having won it before?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I don’t know.  I’m just going to play great golf tomorrow and make a bunch of birdies and see what happens.


Q.  What was wrong today?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Off on my yardage control.  I didn’t quite get it close enough to the holes today.  More difficult to hole long putts than short putts.  Hopefully I can hit it a little bit closer tomorrow.


Q.  How much will you watch the scoreboard tomorrow?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I always watch it.  Even if I’m leading, not leading.  I think I’ve got to shoot probably 4-under on the front-9 tomorrow and see what happens.


Q.  What will it take to do that, 4-under?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Just get off to a good solid start, birdie the par-5s and try to hit it close and make the putts.

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