An Interview With: Carl Pettersson

Q.  Carl, it’s been a wild week.  What do you take away from the 2012 Wyndham Championship for you?

CARL PETTERSSON:  It’s a good week overall.  I finished really strong today.  I got off to a poor start yesterday, 2-over through 6.  4-under this morning.

Yesterday’s start was what really hurt me but overall a solid week again and hope I can keep it going and try to get another within.


Q.  Does the mentality change with you now as we move to The Playoffs?

CARL PETTERSSON:  Not really.  Certainly it’s not coming in playing well but, you know, next week is a new week and no, I don’t want to set goals.  I want to play good golf.


Q.  You’re out there doing your thing but Augusta National made an announcement today they have — they have allowed two female members, female members will join Augusta.  Any reaction to that?

CARL PETTERSSON:  It’s probably good but, you know, it’s a private club.  They could do whatever they want.  But it’s probably about time, yeah.  Probably good.


Q.  Does that speak well for them that they are involving — want to go grow the game and bring women in because they’re a highly touted club?

CARL PETTERSSON:  It’s the most famous club in the world.  It’s their choice.  I don’t want to comment too much about it.  I think it’s probably a good thing yeah, for sure.


Q.  Carl, another good week for you here at the Wyndham Championship.  I mean every year you play here you just put up good numbers.  This has got to be maybe your favorite stop.

CARL PETTERSSON:  Yeah, for sure.  I don’t know — I like the golf course, close to home but, you know, sometimes that’s added stress, too, to perform well in front of everybody but I certainly have done a nice job of that the last few years and it was fun playing this week and I always love playing here.


Q.  When you walk up 18 that final day, they introduce you being from the local high school, NC State, Raleigh.  That’s got to be kind of special, too.

CARL PETTERSSON:  For sure.  We don’t get many home games in golf.  This is a special week for me and it’s been a great job for the tournament and I love it.


Q.  Two weeks in a row you played really well.  Can you keep it going next week in The Playoffs?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I hope so.  My game is really good and consistent.  I got most everything going and — you know, next week is a new week.  I don’t want to get too confident and just try to hang in there and play well.


Q.  You’ve been out her a long time.  You’ve had a lot of success.  Do The Playoffs change anything, the mindset at all, just another big week?

CARL PETTERSSON:  I try to treat every tournament the same, whether it’s a Major, Playoff event or a Wyndham Championship.  Just try to downplay everything as much as I can.  That way you don’t get too stressed out.


Q.  I hope young players are listening to that, too.  That’s a good way to handle it, the pressure and everything.

CARL PETTERSSON:  Well, yeah.  I guess from experience, it’s the way to do it.  That’s what works for me.  That’s what I’m going to try to do the next few weeks.


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