An Interview With: Chad Campbell

Q.   Great last three days.  You played awfully well since the 71 on Thursday.  You have to have some level of satisfaction with the way you came out and played the last three days.

CHAD CAMPBELL:  Yeah.  You know, I played great.  Even the first day I hit a lot of good shots and just didn’t get it done the first day but definitely the last three days.

Liked to finish a little bit better but definitely happy with the way I started to play.


Q.  You made a nice run there, you were watching the scoreboard, knew where you were stood and the whole bit. 

CHAD CAMPBELL:  Absolutely.  Didn’t hit the best shot on 18.  Had a decent look at it.  Not a bad putt.  That’s the way it goes.  I made a great putt on 17.  Like I said, definitely happy with the way things are going mow.


Q.  You jumped a lot of people here with this week with a good week which helps you in The Playoffs but obviously going into the next week the way you’re playing you have to have a lot of confidence.

CHAD CAMPBELL:  I do, absolutely.  I felt like I’ve been close this year.  I’ve said that a lot.  The hard worked paid off this week.


Q.  You’re a streaky guy.  Seems like you’re on a good streak.

CHAD CAMPBELL:  I feel like things are going in the right direction.  I’ve been working hard.  The last few years haven’t been the best for me and I like to get it turned around.


Q.  Excited about Bethpage?

CHAD CAMPBELL:  I am, yeah.  Definitely excited, excited about the way I’m playing.  Looking forward to next week.



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