An Interview with: DANIEL SUMMERHAYS

Q.  Finishing strong there.  Heck of a day, first of all.

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah, it was good.  I had it going there on the front-9, I was 3-under on the front-9.  Actually had more looks than that, too, that barely ran by the edges.

Then we had that delay and I think so it kind of slowed me down a little bit, couldn’t quite get back into a rhythm.  So, yeah, it was really nice to finish with a birdie, especially on 18 there.  That’s a brute of a hole.  I was pleased with getting the birdie.

Q.  Tell us about this course and how it sets up for you, the old style Donald Ross.

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah.  I think it’s good.  I’m actually reading the greens really well, I think this week and I think that is because I’m — I actually played a lot of Donald Ross courses with contours on the greens.

I think that’s helping me a lot getting good reads on putts, and then off the tee, you got to kind think your way around it.  It’s not always driver, 3-wood maybe, hybrid here, and I’m usually pretty good about managing my game that way.  I feel good.

Q.  As for coming in, are you hearing those roars for Webb behind you?  He went off the last five holes.

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  Yeah.  I like Webb a lot, he’s a good guy.  And it is a little tough, you have to kind of step back every once in awhile and just let the roars die down.  Yeah, it’s fun to hear those roars, though, being in those later groups on Sunday.

Q.  You have to be in the mix going into Sunday.  How big is that for you?

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS:  It is huge.  I’ve been there on the Nationwide Tour quite a bit and it’s nice to be back in the hunt here later in the season.  Second tournament of the year, the Bob hope I was second to last group there.

So, it’s been a little while but all those things, feelings and emotions come back and even though it’s been seven months since I’ve been in one of those last three groups, you remember everything that you’ve learned from those previous times.  So I felt like today I was actually pretty calm out there and felt like I was in control.


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