An Interview With: Davis Love III

Q.    Can you win this tomorrow?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  Yeah, if I quit making silly mistakes.  I played real well this week and punished myself a couple times with silly mistakes or I’d be right there.  Scores are going to be low.  I just have to keep shooting low.

Q.  What’s it like to be in the mix, lot of young guys out there hanging with them?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  I’ve had some good tournaments this year and I felt like I’ve been real close.  I would like to be a couple shots closer but, you know, anybody has got a chance on this golf course as good as a condition it’s in.

Q.  How does the course suit you?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  It really doesn’t.  Kind of like a lot of short, tight courses.  I hit a lot of 2-irons off the tee and just try to get it in the fairway but it’s tricky and I’ve done well at courses like Hilton Head and Colonial.

I can get it around here but it’s certainly not my style but I’m enjoying playing, the new greens are great, hit good putts, they go in and I’ve been, like I said, I’ve been real close to shooting a low score every day.

Q.  (Inaudible).

DAVIS LOVE, III:  There’s a lot of guys playing really well.  You’re not going to get — eventually you’re going to get stalled, miss a fairway or get on the wrong side of the pin on a hole and make a mistake and it’s just hard to be perfect out here as tricky as it is.

If somebody hits every fairway and is putting well they can shoot a low score.  We’ve seen that.  It’s just hard the keep it up for three days.

Q.  How many other guys hit 2-irons today off the tees?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  There’s a lot.  Stallings ahead of me.  Frank Williams told him to hit 2-iron on every hole.  I should be doing the same thing.  You know, No. 9, the 2-iron, 9-iron.  10 is a 2-iron and 7-iron.  It’s what you got to do, get in it play.  It’s very tough to get it on the green much less close out of the rough.

Q.  Lot of guys with moving day.  Leonard is 6-under, Dufner is 7-under.  The guys at the top of the leaderboard coming in today, they haven’t been able to take advantage as though guys have.

DAVIS LOVE, III:  It’s always easier earlier.  The earlier you tee off on Saturday it seems like the easier it is to score.  The greens are a little drier and faster in the afternoon.

Makes it a little bit tougher.  They’re trying to win.  They’re a little bit tougher at the end of the day and hopefully I’ll be in a good position tomorrow to catch them.

Q.  (Inaudible)?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  How long have you got?  I’m missing like No. 7, it was an 8-iron today and I hit it in the water left trying to hit a hard 8-iron.  You know, unforced area or a double.  You’re supposed to be having a birdie putt.

And No. 15, every day, I played that hole 1-over and I’ve driven it right down the middle twice and had 4-iron and a 5-iron in and not making birdies much less first day I made a bogey on it.  I’m just killing myself on some easy holes and you can’t do that.  I’ve made two doubles and I’ve played 15 1-over.  Other than that I played really well.



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