An Interview With: Davis Love III

Q. You want to start off talking about playing with Chris and what that was like today?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  Well, it was great to get to play with Chris.  You know, obviously an amazing guy, an ACC guy.  Always been watching ACC basketball.  So it’s great to get to play with him, especially coming off a Gold Medal win.  That was pretty exciting.

My son actually got to go watch them during the British Open Championship.  It was quite a treat.  My son is going to be very jealous that I got to play with Chris today.

Q.  Your impressions of the course, the new greens, and how they might play this weekend.

DAVIS LOVE, III:  The greens are great.  In they don’t get any rain, it will be tough.  They were faster today than they were yesterday.  Going to get firmer as the week goes on.

It’s going the play a lot different than it did — the rough is a little bit higher.  The scores are definitely going to be higher.

Q.  Most times in Pro-Am people grouped with you, play with Davis Love, III.  Did you have a little bit of that today with Chris, little sort of mutual respect and admiration?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  I was excited to get to play with him.  You never know how much golf these guys play.  He knows so much about it.  He’s really just gotten into the game more and more as he’s advanced in his NBA career.

Like a lot of NBA guys, they love playing golf.  He’s a good player.  He knows a lot about Wake Forest golf, knows a lot about the Tour.  I’m really amazed at his knowledge.  He just needs more time to play.

Q.  Little ACC trash talk going on or not really?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  We’re both ACC fans, and don’t hold anything against him, he’s friends with a lot of my friends that play out here on Tour.  We get along real well.  He’s a good guy.  His brother is a lot of fun.

Q.  What do you make of where Webb’s game is at right now?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  He’s playing great.  Most of the guys on our team are really playing well.  We’re happy for Webb.  He’s had a big year with a baby and a Major and making the Ryder Cup team.  So we’re excited for him and look forward to working with him over the next few weeks getting ready.

Q.  Saw your son, Davis, IV.  Where is he going to school next year?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  He’s going to Alabama tomorrow.  So I’m not being a very good dad.  I’m here playing my game while he’s getting ready to go play his at Alabama.

He’s real excited.  He picked Alabama.  They’ve got a really good team and a great program.  Obviously they won everything except the NCAA and finished 2nd in that this spring.  He’s going to a good program.  He’s excited about it.

Q.  Chris help with you with any of your swings?

DAVIS LOVE, III:  Not with selections but helping me with the mental side of it.  Watching him play was fun.  You see hand-eye coordination taking over the closer you got to the green.

We talked about shooting free throws some and playing under pressure.  Things like that always help me.  I got to learn how to coach.

Q.  What did you make of Tiger’s game?  He’s playing well but seems like —

DAVIS LOVE, III:  I think he’s playing real well.  He won the points.  I don’t know if he’s leading the FedEx or not but he’s right up there.

You know, I think he’s just playing really good golf, not playing perfect like we expect him to.  But, you know, we all press too hard sometimes and I know he said he came out a little flat on Saturday and got behind but he’s playing well.

I played practice rounds with him.  He’s hitting it good, putting good.  I always expect one out of every four tournaments he usually wins.  I would expect that.  He’ll have a good FedExCup.


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