An Interview with: ERNIE ELS

Q.  Ernie, let’s talk first about the ball striking because it was spectacular today.  Is that as good as it gets?

ERNIE ELS:  Yeah.  You know, I’ve been working on it.  My posture was all out of place especially after last week, and I had the weekend off.

I had right to left putts and normally that’s my game but I kept missing a lot of them and played a couple but it could have been something really lower.

Q.  It has to give you a lot of encouragement going into the weekend, yes?

ERNIE ELS:  I’m looking forward to it.  I haven’t been on form all year.  Obviously, there’s a lot of guys in it, you got to go low, we all know that so — I feel I can really have a special score out there if everything goes my way.

Q.  Very good day for you out there.  Good round.

ERNIE ELS:  Thanks.  I was trying to get to 10-under but not to be.  I’m happy with the par save on the last.  I felt like I hit the ball really well.  I’m looking forward to it.

Q.  Do you feel like going into the weekend strong, trying to make the FedExCup?

ERNIE ELS:  Absolutely.  I’ve got quite a large goal for me this week and, you know, I’m feeling like fine, my game is turning around a little bit and I like the course.  Obviously you have to make a lot of birdies to keep up with the pace but I feel I’m up for it and, you know, enjoying North Carolina.

Q.  Do you feel like the long putter is finally starting to come along for you a little bit?

ERNIE ELS:  I started feeling a little bit better last week for the first time even though I missed the cut.  I felt where the putter should be on my body and I like the place of the putter and I missed quite a few today but I feel like I’m striking the putts very nicely.

Q.  If you had to do one thing better the next few days to win this tournament, what do you think it will be?

ERNIE ELS:  Just stay patient.  I felt like my front-9 today I was trying to hurry things and trying to — I get birdies going early.  Just stay patient and let it come my way.  I’ll be okay.



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