An Interview with: ERNIE ELS

ERNIE ELS:   Yeah, nice start.  Then I couldn’t get it close to the hole and couldn’t make any putts and yeah, kind of uncomfortable a round a little bit and 14 was kind of a soft bogey.  Put 9-iron close on 16, couldn’t make birdie.  Little off today.

Q.  Maybe a little poor in ball striking or putting?

ERNIE ELS:  Yeah.  I think the whole thing was really that way today.  Trying hard.  I think, you know, you get that putt when you need it.  I needed one on No. 6 today for birdie.  Obviously 14 was another key putt.  I missed two key putts today and maybe I wasn’t as sharp as yesterday.

Q.  You still definitely are still in this event, two, three strokes out of lead.  What do you do with only one round to play?

ERNIE ELS:  I got to have that round I’ve been talking about.  You know, I need that low one, you know, 61, 62, you know.  I think we’ll have tougher flags tomorrow.  I got a round of 18 holes tomorrow where I can go low.  I’m looking forward to it.

Q.  First of all, today, everybody is talking about your putter going really well.  How did you feel about it today?

ERNIE ELS:  Feeling good about it.  Like to make more of those putts.  Seems like I missed quite a few from inside 12 feet so a little frustrating.

Q.  Nice being in the mix going into the final day.

ERNIE ELS:  Well, I needed to be at 12 to really be in it.  On this course to make up four shots is going to be very difficult.  But I’m going to try and shoot as low as I can tomorrow and see where it takes me.

Q.  What about the tournament, inside the tournament everybody obviously watching the FedExCup Points.  How much do you guys watch it out there?

ERNIE ELS:  You don’t want to have big numbers so there’s always an added level of pressure on you.  You know, not only are we trying to win the tournament, don’t want to screw up too badly where you might miss The Playoffs.  There’s a lot of pressure.

Q.  At the end of it, you need to go low tomorrow.

ERNIE ELS:  That’s what I’m looking forward to.


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