An Interview with: ERNIE ELS

Q.  Ernie, Padraig said earlier today, “I don’t do anything the easy way.”  Kind of echo those thoughts?

ERNIE ELS:  Yeah.  Yeah.  After bogeying the first hole, that really set me back.  Then you just — you don’t want to mess up too badly.  It’s a terrible way to feel on the golf course because you know you want to try and contend but you also don’t want to screw up.  It’s a terrible feeling to play.  It’s almost like going back to Q-School.

Q.  You felt like you were kind of playing defense instead of being able to attack?

ERNIE ELS:  You know, some of the flags were a little tough to get to.  I just felt, you know — even yesterday the back-9 I felt like I lost my momentum and never really regained it and kind of playing catch up.  Wasn’t enjoyable.

Q.  But you’re in.

ERNIE ELS:  Yeah, I see that.  I’m in.  I thought I had to make that putt on last to get in so, you know, you don’t know in these playoffs.  It’s all screwed up.

Q.  You were on the other end of it last year at the top.  Maybe this is the way to go at it.

ERNIE ELS:  Yeah.  I got to play good golf, though.  I played really good the first few days.  I would like to get that back.

Q.  What do you take into next week?

ERNIE ELS:  I’m playing so I’ve got another shot at it.  Kind of like a nightmare hopefully play better.

Good luck to you.  Thanks for the time.


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