An Interview With: Gary Woodland

Q.   You must be happy with that start.

GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah.  Little frustrating with the way I finished.  I mean I had opportunities to post a number today but it was a solid day, you know.  We’re off and running.

Q.  I know the listeners want to know, can you talk out how the new greens and the rough is playing at Sedgefield Country Club?

GARY WOODLAND:  Definitely keep it in the fairway.  The rough is brutal and the greens are perfect.  They’re rolling great.  You get above the hole and they’re lighting fast.  Keep it below the hole, you can make a putt.

Q.  I must ask that, 130 from the FedExCup rankings.  Is that your in mind?

GARY WOODLAND:  I know if I play well I’ll take care of business.  I’m out here trying to go through the game plan and hopefully play well at the end of the week.

Q.  Gary, first time to see the golf course this week.  You said you liked it.  Didn’t hit the driver a lot.  You come out her and post a 66.  Are you satisfied with that number?

GARY WOODLAND:  Not really.  I had chances on the back the 9 to really post a number and let it get way.  I hit a lot of 2 irons.  Every hole I hit irons and kept in it play and gave myself a lot of chances.  Didn’t capitalize.

Q.  You’ve been healthier the last few months and seen a steady improvement in your game.  Where is your confident level right now?

GARY WOODLAND:  It’s high.  My game is starting to show.  I’m starting to see some results.  I’m playing pretty well.  Look forward to the weekend.

Q.  We talked earlier in the week also you’re on the outside looking in.  You said you’re not going to think about it. 

Did you not think about it all day today?

GARY WOODLAND:  No.  I know if I go out and play well I’ll be all right.  I’m just going out here trying to go through a game plan and play well.

Q.  Can you talk about your round today?  Pretty good round.  Pretty much atop the leaderboard.

GARY WOODLAND:  Got off to a great start.  I drove the ball pretty well.  Gave myself a lot of chances.  I didn’t capitalize a lot coming in but we’re in pretty good position after the first day.

Q.  You played here before?

GARY WOODLAND:  First time here.

Q.  What was your opinion about the greens?  They just changed them over.

GARY WOODLAND:  The golf course is phenomenal.  It’s in great shape.  The rough is up.  Greens are perfect, really are.  You get it below, you can make putts.  Get it above it, you’re going to have some problems.  They’re perfect.

Q.  Is there anything in particular you want to improve upon moving towards round 2, 3 and 4?

GARY WOODLAND:  Got to finish better.  I got off to a great start and kind of let it get away towards the end.  All in all, just keep doing what I’m doing.

Q.  You were playing behind Webb Simpson’s group.  They had a big following today.  Any distractions coming out of that?

GARY WOODLAND:  Playing with Daly, you’re going to get a pretty good crowd.

Q.  Anything else you want to improve upon?

GARY WOODLAND:  I’m good.  Go out and play well.



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