An Interview With: Jason Dufner

Q.  Hit some good shots coming in.  You couldn’t convert with the putter.

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah, you know, a little bit of a disappointment.  Come out a little bit flat.  Couldn’t quite get the distances right.  Had a little bit of trouble with distance control.  Missed a couple putts.  Sergio played pretty well this morning.  He’s pretty tough to catch.


Q.  Made the birdie on the par 5 last night and then the rain delay came along.  I felt like that got your momentum some.  Am I right?

JASON DUFNER:  It would have been nice to finish up yesterday.  Felt like I had a pretty good start and kind of stuff coming back and starting you’re not sure how the next day is going to be.  Got off to a little bit of a rough start with a double on 7 and kind of prodded along from there trying to get back into it but never really could.


Q.  You have the week off next week, time off or anything to work on?

JASON DUFNER:  No.  I’m going to take some rest and probably start practicing towards the end of next week getting ready for Deutsche Bank in Boston and get ready for the playoff stretch and leading into the Ryder Cup.  So, be a little bit of both time off and little bit of practice.


Q.  Then Auburn football coming up, of course.

JASON DUFNER:  Head out to practice a little bit next week.  Guys start up the Saturday at Deutsche Bank.  It’s right around the corner.  That’s always a good part of the year for me.


Q.  Continuing of a good season by Jason Dufner.  What do you take from this championship?

JASON DUFNER:  I feel like I’m playing some pretty good golf.  I had a stretch of three weeks.  Couple of nice finishes.  Two 7th places.  Got to try and put four rounds together.  This week wasn’t able to do that.  You have to have low rounds to compete.  Sergio played really well today.  He was going to be tough to catch.


Q.  Your reasoning for not playing at The Barclays next week, what is it?

JASON DUFNER:  Need a week off.  Playing the Tour Championship and then the weeks before, after that the Ryder Cup.  It’s big events with me for the rest of the year.  Going to get a little bit of rest and get fresh for the first two events that I’ll be playing in The Playoffs and really look forward to the Tour Championship and playing in the Ryder Cup.



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