An Interview With: Jason Dufner

Q.   35 feet below the hole is the place to be.  Nice roll out there on 18.  The crowd loved it.  Didn’t see you smile until afterwards.

It was a good birdie.

JASON DUFNER:  Nice to finish.  Played really solid today.  Probably had some putts I would have liked to have made earlier in the round but a good way to finish with a nice putt there, make me feel a little bit better.

Q.  You made a great move here on Saturday.  How would you rank your move today?  Like you said, felt like you left a couple out there.  Really?

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah.  You know, today was a great day.  Kind of what I needed to get back in this tournament, post a low score and kind be in the mix tomorrow depending on what the leaders, how they finish.  So, good move and I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow to try to make a run at the championship.

Q.  This tournament is important you.  You’ve always liked playing here.  They’ve been good to you.  I know this is important for you to come this week and play well.

JASON DUFNER:  It’s a nice event.  This is my 7th time coming here.  My wife and I really enjoy coming here and playing in front of these crowds.

Wyndham is a great sponsor for this event and, you know, they changed over the greens this year which makes the course a little bit more friendly for us and, you know, happy to be here playing.

Q.  Lastly, your putter is hot right now, isn’t it?

JASON DUFNER:  Yeah.  It was pretty good today.  You know, made everything that you feel like you should have and threw in a couple other ones today.  Hopefully that will continue tomorrow and hopefully it will keep up.



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