An Interview With: Jimmy Walker

Q.  Talk about the week.  Really a good week.  Saturday wasn’t how you wanted it.  All in all, a good week.

JIMMY WALKER:  I think so.  I hit it really well.  Made some good putts and I’m real happy.  I played well.  I made some birdies coming down the stretch.  Today felt good.


Q.  Now you’re headed to The Playoffs and the Barclays, a long golf course.  You hit it a long way.  Your game sets up well for the Bethpage track.

JIMMY WALKER:  I played it in ’02.  It will be interesting to go back.  You never now how they’re going to have it set-up.  It will be a good test.  Hitting it far there does have its advantages.  The rough was pretty nasty.  You need to be in the fairway if you want to score.


Q.  Jimmy, right now you’re projected at 42 on the points list.  You’re moving up, being close to the Top 30.  You’re in good shape, don’t you think?

JIMMY WALKER:  Yeah.  That’s the goal, Top 30.  Kind of the golden ticket out here.  It tends to pretty much take care of everything.  That’s the goal.  Keep hitting it good and I think it’s obtainable.


Q.  How confident are you right now?

JIMMY WALKER:  I feel great.  Been working real hard, new coach, Butch Harmon.  Been doing some good stuff.  I’ve been enjoying it.


Q.  Good playing, man.  Talk about the delay coming in to the day and how that had an effect on everybody’s game today, including yours.

JIMMY WALKER:  I don’t know if it had much effect on anybody.  We all do this for a living and we show up each day, ready to play.  So, you know, it’s just one of those things we have to deal with with golf, you know.  You got to play by Mother Nature’s rules.


Q.  How did the remainder of the course play today once you got out this morning?

JIMMY WALKER:  Real soft.  You could attack the pin.  The fairways weren’t running so much.  But it was — they got the course in great shape.  It actually drained really well.


Q.  You were the Round 2 leader.  Finished at 14-under.  Are you content with your performance this week?

JIMMY WALKER:  I have to be.  Nothing I can do about it now but Saturday I didn’t really get any momentum going and it kind of showed and — but I was happy to play well today and get back in it.



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