An Interview with: JIMMY WALKER

Q.        Jimmy, kind of a rough ending to a great round.

JIMMY WALKER:  I played really well.  I hit a lot of good shots and got the putter rolling good on the back-9.  The finish, I hit a good tee ball up to the left.  I had a little bit of a flyer lie.  Hit it where I wanted to.  Tried to land it on the front middle of the green and took off over the back and hit a good chip, good putt and didn’t go in.

Q.  Talk about this round.  You think you can pull a shot off but every now and then it will get you.

JIMMY WALKER:  You really got to look at the lie.  I had a couple today where you were gouging it out.  It really was in the bottom.  Then you have some that sit on the top and be real careful you don’t go real far, 20 yards too far sometimes.  Really bad when they go 20, 30 yards short.  Really got to be careful.

Q.  You’re in good shape in terms of The Playoffs.  You’re probably in at least the first two if not more.  What were your thoughts coming into this week concerning the FedExCup?

JIMMY WALKER:  I really wasn’t worried about the FedExCup yet.  I knew I was in pretty good shape, you know, to play two, three, and I just wanted to continue what I did at Greenbrier a couple weeks ago, went home and kept working on the things that were working at Greenbrier and missed out on the PGA.  I wished I could have played.

Kept working on the things we had been working on and try to carry it into this week and have another solid week and worry about The Playoffs starting.  Be playing good and get into the next event.

Q.  You’re playing well.  Keep up the good work.

JIMMY WALKER:  Thank you.

Q.  Tough shot at 18.

JIMMY WALKER:  The day was good.  I hit it really well all day.  Made a bunch of good putts on the back-9, hit some close shots and kept making some good putts.  You know, the bogey on 18 is what it is.  I caught a little flyer out of this rough which you can do and or you can have a really bad lie and not hit it anywhere.  I hit a good pitch and putt on the last hole, didn’t go in.  Still a great day.  I’m happy with it.

Q.  You didn’t leave anything out there.  Obviously your confidence at this level must be high.  You shot well today.

JIMMY WALKER:  Yeah.  Coming off a good tournament two weeks ago and kept working on that stuff on the off week and brought it into this week and everything feels really good.  Rolled the putter really well today and hit some good shots.  I was pleased, all in all.

Q.  Can you talk about maybe the weather helping you out with the greens a little bit?

JIMMY WALKER:  This is the best I’ve seen the golf course.  The greens, normally they’re really spongy and soft.  I think they’re holding up really nice.  I don’t know what the weather has been like but the greens are really healthy and they’re decently firm for here and they’re rolling good.



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