An Interview with: JOE OGILVIE

JOE OGILVIE:  You take advantage of the greens, were night and day compared to yesterday afternoon.  And, you know, that’s what you’re going to have when you have big thick greens in Greensboro, North Carolina in August, you’re going to have bad greens starting at probably 1:00.

So, they were a lot — they were a lot better, little bit faster and smooth.

Q.  What’s your take on the fighting for the FedExCup to get in The Playoffs and all that?  Do you guys think about it?

JOE OGILVIE:  I think about it if I was 118 or 119 or whatever.  But I didn’t worry about it that much.  I’m worried more about — you know, starting now, I want to really play well on the weekend, you know.

I’d really like to play at Deutsche Bank.  I haven’t played Deutsche Bank in a couple years.  It would really be nice to get there.

Q.  More about building momentum as The Playoffs get here?

JOE OGILVIE:  I finished two over yesterday and I was staring at a spot going into The Playoffs which isn’t exactly the momentum you want.  I’m playing well and feel good.

Q.  You like this course, it suits you well.  You played here years ago.  You’re putting and everything.

JOE OGILVIE:  It’s a classic old style golf course.  Someone told me they’re bulldozing the greens on Monday and putting in bermuda.

Q.  They’re thinking about it.

JOE OGILVIE:  You know, this would be bermuda greens, wow, what a golf course.  Bermuda I think it has the stigma for a number of years and now the stigma is like anyone south of the Mason-Dixon Line go with bermuda, bermuda now is so much better than it used to be.

Q.  You’d like that then.

JOE OGILVIE:  Yeah.  If it’s an August tournament, yeah, I’d love it.  I don’t think — you know, grass is dormant here for about three months.  Three months out of the year — and dormant bermuda is fine to putt on.  Three months out of the year you’re going to have okay greens.  Rest you’ll have great greens.

Q.  You played in this tournament a lot of years.  There is a lot more buzz in this one.  Seems to have picked up steam.

JOE OGILVIE:  You know what, I think — talking to Mark Brazil — and Wyndham is a stable sponsor.  I think if Greensboro didn’t like this, now all of a sudden it’s like hold on here, these times when Ernie Els and Retief Goosen and Justin Leonard and those guys have to position themselves, more and more people are saying, you know what, I got to get in position and Greensboro is a good golf course, they do a hell of a job for us, hospitality is fantastic and it’s just kind of an easy golf course on the eyes, you know.

You know, I think going forward as the FedExCup grows, we’re only in our fifth year now, it’s going to build momentum.  It’s going to be — on paper you look at this date and you’re like oh, it’s going to be tough.  It’s actually a pretty darn good date.

Q.  In reality it’s not that bad?

JOE OGILVIE:  It’s pretty damn good.


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