An Interview with: JUSTIN LEONARD

Q.        Eagle at 5 and the nice birdie at 15.  Kept telling you where were you all today, didn’t it?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  Yeah.  I didn’t pay too much attention.  I kind of figured I had to make, make another birdie in the last three holes and, you know, had good looks at it 16, 17, I hit two good putts.

But, you know, to try and wait until this week to make it through is just — you know, I mean, come on.  I had 25 other weeks to play like this.

Q.  And yet again, you almost got it done.  You give yourself a little credit for that.

JUSTIN LEONARD:  Yeah.  You know, I got a few weeks off now and I’ll work on it.

Q.  You going to play some in the fall, do you think?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  Yeah.  I’m going to play three of them, I think.


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