An Interview With: Justin Leonard

Q.   All right.  Round of 64.  What was going good for you today?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  You know, I got off to a great start.  Birdied the first three holes and then chipped in on 4 and then I missed a couple little short putts at 5 and 6, but kind of got it back together and made a good birdie at 7.

You know, all day I hit the ball pretty well.  The thing I like now is I’m making a lot of birdies and, you know, I’m making a couple mistakes and had a couple 3-putts.  The one at 17 I kind of put myself in a bad spot there.

But I’m making a lot of birdies and, you know, it’s fun.  I’m enjoying these last two weeks I’ve played, you know, playing a lot better and, you know, certainly in a better mindset.

Q.  Anything change the last two weeks technically or just sort of all come together?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  Nothing technically.  I wish it was technical because that would have been very easy to fix.  Just a little lighter attitude and not just concerned about, you know, the score that I shoot or where I’m finishing in tournaments and am I going to make the cut, those kinds of things.  Just really being able to relax and just go out and play golf.

Q.  Were you able to put the FedExCup out of your mind this week?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  I have.  I know I need a Top-3, 4 finish and, you know, I put myself — I certainly gave myself a better chance with my round today.

So, you know, I just want to continue on the things I’m doing and, you know, hopefully I can come out and play a good round tomorrow and see if I can get in there next week.

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