An interview with: JUSTIN LEONARD

Q.  Talk about the round and you’re playing with guys, all three of you guys are doing it.

JUSTIN LEONARD:  It was nice.  I think if all three of us played like that all year we probably be in a little different situation than we’re in.  But nice to get off to a good start.

Drove the ball really well.  Hit the ball, didn’t hit the ball too close but made some nice two putts from longer range when I needed to and, you know, nice to make a few birdies.

Q.  Is it hard to be on the green?  You like the greens so far?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  Yeah.  I think they’re certainly in better condition than last year.  Last year it was so hot.  I mean not because of anybody but it was really trying to keep the greens alive and, you know, the temperatures have been a little bit cooler, although today was a little warm, but the greens are rolling out a little bit and they’re just a touch firmer than they were last year.

Q.  With your situation with the FedExCup, are you going to go out and go for broke, go for the win?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  I’m trying to build a little bit of momentum.  Obviously it’s been a disappointing and frustrating year but my game has been better the last few weeks.  I haven’t been able to get really good scores out of it and so, you know, I would love to play well this week and make The Playoffs but really just I want to kind of build the things on I’m working on and see if some good things happen and I’m going to play a few events in the fall.  Hopefully I’d certainly like to be playing next week.

Q.  Do you feel comfortable on this course, a course that fits your eye?

JUSTIN LEONARD:  I do.  I do enjoy the golf course.  You know, you can move the ball around off the tee and I hit quite a few drivers, hit a few 3-woods and, you know, it never gets boring, which is nice.  It’s a very nice golf course and, you know, I really like it.

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