An interview with: LEE JANZEN

Q.        Great job for the opening round.  Bogey at the last hole. What a solid round, especially on the second 9 where you put together five in a row.

LEE JANZEN:  Yes.  Played with Jeff Quinney.  He had five birdies in a row.  I don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not but, you know, even making some birdies and going along and, you know, over the last few years we know there’s going to be some low scores.

Not much wind, the greens are soft.  The speed of the greens you can be aggressive once you’re on them.  I decided to stay patient and hit good shots and hit good putts and hopefully a few were going to fall in and it just happened to be that I had five in a row.

Q.  Freddie Couples, a buddy of yours, you lobby him to put you two on the Ryder Cup together.  Him making five in a row, you making five in a row, you would be awesome.

LEE JANZEN:  If we can do that for two straight months he might consider it.  Right now we’ve got more to worry about.

Q.  You’ve been playing a little bit more consistently, you’ve been playing more often lately.

Is it starting to come for you?

LEE JANZEN:  My game has been in decent shape all year long.  It’s been a matter of a hole or two that’s done me in.  But, you know, golf just does that to you sometimes.

You can hit a wild shot and have a perfect shot to the green and make birdie or hit a shot that’s off line and turned into a double bogey.  Frustrating game sometimes.  Things going good.  When they’re not going good, it looks like a bad break or bad shot.  I hit enough good shots today, you know.  Four of those is going to be a good tournament.  I don’t know if it’s enough to win but it’s a good start.


Q.  Specifically, talking about rescues, how about that 8 where were you up against the bridge?  You had nothing.  Chipped it out and then almost holed it out for birdie.

LEE JANZEN:  It was a poor tee shot.  I felt pretty good about the tee shot, too.  I have a new 3-wood that I’ve been hitting very well this week and just a big hook.  I was hoping I could hit it out of the hazard because the way it hooked I would have to drop back 50, 60 yards, had a longer shot.

Very difficult in the back of the green.  There’s no room for error hitting it long.  I chipped it out and had a little short wedge and played a nice punch wedged in there and rolled it up near the hole and had a tap-in.  That was good.

Q.  Let’s not talk about 9.

LEE JANZEN:  There’s a lot of things I did that were good out here today.



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