An Interview With: Nicolas Colsaerts

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  The plan was to come over here and try to make the most of it, really.  You know, I felt like I was playing good all week and maybe a bit of a sloppy 3rd round yesterday but certainly today got me where I wanted to, even though I had a shot last couple holes coming.

It’s a great feeling to be able to, you know, press it down all the way to the end and show, you know, the people to see that you’re in and you play well and you want it pretty bad.


Q.  You got next week.

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Still got next week.  Changed the flight plans a few times already.  But, yeah, I mean you got to show you can make it.  You got to go back home and play and make sure it counts for everything.  They’ve been pretty kind to me.  I hope they’ll be kind again coming next Sunday and Monday.


Q.  How much of an advantage do you think that you have with your showing here this week and then moving on to Gleneagles where you can get some more points where Ian Poulter and Sergio play The Barclays?  They can’t accumulate World Points like you can.

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Well, it’s difficult to say.  I thought the more chances I got, the better it’s going to look if I kept playing well.

I didn’t really capitalize on Bridgestone and PGA so I was a bit disappointed with that because Bridgestone was a course that really suited me.

It was my first trip there and I left Bridgestone a little disappointed.  But, you know, seeing this guy Mark Brazil who is behind me actually I’m like 15 years ago Junior Ryder Cup got me in.  Big things happen.


Q.  Do you think you’ve made an impression even if you don’t qualify on Jose, you should be on their team?

NICOLAS COLSAERTS:  Yeah.  When you play rounds like these and you commit to tournaments and you get yourself in position like this and make the most of it, it just shows how much you want it.  Like I said, yeah.


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