An Interview with: OLAFUR LOFTSSON

Q.  Olafur, I know you would have loved to make the cut.  You played very well this week.  Talk about the experience of playing a PGA TOUR event for the first time.

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  It’s been a great few days here.  I’m just very lucky to have the opportunity to play a PGA TOUR event.  My dream is to come out here and play full time.  It’s very pleasing to have the opportunity to get out here and see how it feels like around these guys.

Q.  What does it feel like to also represent your country, Iceland, which a lot of people may think not a lot of people play golf in Iceland?

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  Exactly.  There’s not a lot of knowledge of golf in Iceland.  I’m very happy to show the world that we do play golf and we can be pretty good.

Q.  What was the biggest take away from this week being around the PGA TOUR players to take back to your senior year at Charlotte?

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  Just the fact that I feel comfortable out here.  I feel like my game is good enough to be here.  I know I need to improve a few things.  I know what I need to work on.  And I’m very excited about going to Q-School and try as hard as I can to get out here.

Q.  The best moment of the week for you would be —

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  It’s very hard to pinpoint one particular moment.  It’s just been a great experience and met a lot of guys, met a lot of great people and just very honored to have this chance to be out here.

Q.  You said you had to work on some things.  If you took away one thing from the PGA TOUR players, the best in the world, that you need to take to your game, what would it need to be?

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  I need to hit the ball a little further, obviously.  I’m not long.  My short game is PGA TOUR standard in my opinion.  So I’m going to need to work on a few things, try to improve my swing a little bit and keep working hard.

Q.  You got to start school very soon.

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  Yeah, start next Monday.  Going to be a little bit different than this week.  It’s a lot of fun being in college and you have the great experience over there as well going to school and playing golf, you know, 13 tournaments a year.  So that’s a lot of fun, too.  And I’m just very excited about working hard and come again here.

Q.  One more question.  Your teammates following you around, your coach following you around, camera crew from Iceland came way over here.

Put that experience in perspective for us, if you could.

OLAFUR LOFTSSON:  I’ve had a major support from both people in Iceland and friends over here in Charlotte and I would just like to thank everybody that came out here and supported me today and watched me over in Iceland.  Been a lot of fun and it’s a unique experience representing your country and representing Charlotte as well.



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