Q.   Padraig, good grind out there today.  3-under par.  Good round.  Talk about your day a little bit.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  I finally played nicely for my first say 23, 24 holes and I was 1-over par.  Then I got erratic in the middle of the round and I had to stick in there and get up and down.

I think it helped when I hit a few nice shots at the end to help me scoring well.  I obviously made a couple of birdies coming home.

Q.  It’s good to make the cut and obviously battle a little bit here.

PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  I probably am out of the tournament in many ways, the FedExCup to try for.  Look at the order of names, everybody around me seems to be in the same position with me.  Paul, Justin are the same today.  Obviously, I’m going to have a good weekend in order to get through.

Q.  Did it help playing with Paul and Justin today, they were playing well and kind of fed off them a little bit?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON:  They played nice golf and played some good numbers out there and they probably could have each been a few shots better themselves and be right in the tournament.  I know they weren’t too far back.

Obviously, Tommy Gainey is 12.  Probably not — the field is so packed in behind it, probably would have felt like they could have easily gotten it to 9-under, those guys.



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