An Interview with: PAUL CASEY

Q. Paul, another nice day today.  Talk about the round a little bit.

PAUL CASEY:  Yeah.  Very happy with that today.  That was — you know, 3-under is all right.  It wasn’t as good as yesterday’s, clearly.  I kept myself right in the hunt and, you know, just kept the ball in play nicely today.  Gave myself a lot of opportunities.

And I got fooled a little bit coming in with some of these greens that the grass just — I think just growing out there in the heat and humidity and left a few putts short when I wasn’t trying to dolly them, I was trying to really give them a go.

I’m kicking myself a bit, especially on the eagle putts on 15 and another birdie putt on 17, really unforgivable to leave those short but I’m still in decent position.

Q.  You seem like you’re really hitting your iron wells.  Does it bother you less on the iron shots than the teeth balls?

PAUL CASEY:  Yeah, lot less on the iron shots.  I’ve even opened up the stance and hit a cut 2-iron or close it right up and hit a hook 2-iron.  That works pretty good.

You know, it’s a good club for me.  It takes a couple of these bunkers, which are in nice positions, out of play and I don’t mind if I’m going one extra club compared to some other guys.

My iron game is still very, very good.  And really staying out of this rough.  It doesn’t seem that deep but the way the golf ball just drops to the bottom, it’s something you want to avoid.

Good course management as I did today, it kept the bogies off the card and that’s what I’m going to have to do the rest of the week.

Q.  You said you like this course.  What do you like about it so much?

PAUL CASEY:  Although I’m a guy who can hit it long, this is not a long golf course.  This is about position.  This is about thinking your way around, keeping the ball on the correct side of the hole to make those birdie putts as easy as possible and, yeah, I remember mean it’s classic, old Donald Ross.

We don’t get to see enough wonderful designs such this one so the members enjoy having us.  It’s a great area, obviously.

The whole week is just a lot of fun.  If I can sort of take that enjoyment sort of off the golf course, enjoyment being here this week and turn that into good golf, that’s what I try to do.



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