An interview with: PAUL CASEY

Q.   Talk about your finish, coming in with two birdies.

PAUL CASEY:  Yeah.  Should have been three.  I needed to — was a little bit of a frustrating day out there.  Judging by the leaderboard everybody had a frustrating day, I thought, except for Carl Pettersson.

So, you know, it was a round that had everything.  I made mistakes, I had good moments but it was a really nice way to finish with the two birdies on 17 and 18.  It gets me back in this.

Q.  There’s also the other thing going with the FedExCup and the fact that you’re on that edge, too, and having to deal with that.

PAUL CASEY:  Yeah.  I’m really not worrying about that part of it.  I’m trying to put myself in the position to challenge the guys on top of the leaderboard tomorrow afternoon and, you know, if I do that hopefully I can extend my FedExCup season and get into next week’s tournament.

You know, first things first, trying to make some birdies and get up that thing.

There’s so many connotations.  I think a Top 4 would lock it up.  I think it’s important to shoot for the bigger goal, which is trying to win here for the Wyndham.

Q.  What was it today about the course that was so frustrating.  Pin placements?

PAUL CASEY:  No, my golf.  This course — you can take advantage of this golf course but if you get on the wrong side of these holes and you short-side yourself, leaving yourself downhill putts and chips as I did a couple of times today, it’s near impossible to recover and, you know, I did that especially — did that brilliantly on 12, got on the completely wrong side of things and sort of flubbed the first chip out of the bermuda and then the second one ran past.

I really had no — the mistake was the tee shot.  The mistake after that was compounded by myself not getting the first pitch on to the green and at least realizing having a long putt.  You know, I battled back.  It is what it is.  I mean — you know, today is now in the can.

Q.  Potential of rain tomorrow.  How disruptive is that for you guys when you had to stop down for a hour and everything like that?

PAUL CASEY:  It can be frustrating.  You know, maybe it was to my advantage today to hit the reset button and get back out there.  I had already flubbed my chip at that point so I looked like I was already going to drop one shot and, you know, I got out there with a good mindset and making birdies coming in, which was good.

So, from my angle the rain delay was a good thing.  It may have affected other guys, you know, poorly.  It could have maybe stopped their flow or stopped the run that they had.  So, tomorrow could be the same.  I’ve heard we’re going for a 6:00 finish, still.  I was surprised to hear that.  We might do three balls or something.  Yeah, fingers crossed we have good weather.


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