An Interview With: Scott Stallings

Q.   Scott, good start today.  Please talk about your 6-under round.

SCOTT STALLINGS:  For the fact that today was the first time I’ve ever seen the golf course, definitely think we did kind of an odd week.  I didn’t get here until last night at 10.

We had an event for the BIY Network at our house the last couple days.  We had to be there.  I was excited to play.  It was kind of weird.  First time I seen the golf course.

Frank Williams is caddying for me, Stewart Cink’s caddy.  My caddy Josh, just had a baby so he’s gone for a couple weeks.  Frank is going to fill in for him.

New golf course, new caddy and not really paid attention too much to golf the last couple days.  To come out and shoot 64 is something that I would have taken if you would given to it me in the parking lot.

Q.  You like old golf courses, playing at Greenbrier.  What was it that maybe suited your eye a little bit?

SCOTT STALLINGS:  Some of the tee shots didn’t really suit my eye because I don’t like playing the golf course for the first time, I can’t see where the ball lands.  I struggled 1 and 2, didn’t fit my eye very well.

Obviously will change how we attack them the next couple of days.  For the most part, put it in play.  Frank did a good job of getting me hitting the fairways.  From there I was able to make a few putts and got a little monkey on the par 5, chipped in for eagle and that’s it.

Q.  (Inaudible).

SCOTT STALLINGS:  Frank was the obvious choice when my caddy — his wife was due pretty much any minute.  We got to a point where we were trying to figure out who’s going to fill in.

Stewart was the first person I asked as far as hey, do you know anybody to fill in and he told me, hey, if I don’t — I’m not going to play Greensboro, he’s moving his son into college on Saturday so I’m thankful to him for letting me have Frank for a few weeks.  He can go be with his family, Josh can be with his family as well.

Q.  What is Josh’s last name?

A   Josh Graham.  The son’s name is Caden.


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