An Interview With: Tim Clark

MARK STEVENS:  Tim Clark, got it to 10-under and currently hold a share of the lead after the morning wave.

You want to talk about your round and we’ll have a few questions?

TIM CLARK:  Yeah.  Early in the morning there wasn’t really any wind to talk up so it was playing a lot easier to start the round.

I made a few birdies early on and, you know, thought I was going to have another good round going but obviously there were some tough holes out there, I think tougher pin placements today possibly and in the end quite happy with 3-under.

MARK STEVENS:  Questions?

Q.  Did you talk to Carl at all over night or anything like that?

TIM CLARK:  No.  We just send each other a couple texts saying well played and have not spoken to him but, obviously, I certainly know when he’s in this sort of form it’s tough to keep up with him.  So, I think it’s good for both of us playing well and keep pushing each other.

Q.  Do you have any pain at all in the elbow?

TIM CLARK:  No, no, not really.  The only thing, it’s still not really as strong as it needs to be.  That’s just going to take time.  At least I’m out there playing pain-free.

Q.  Tim, is there any comfort level playing in North Carolina or is it just another Tour stop for you here?  You got to have some fans out there.

TIM CLARK:  I think there’s a comfort level.  Certainly on — mostly on the style of golf course.  I think having played this style of course in college quite a bit and, obviously, I enjoy the type of golf course.

I like the grasses, I like the bermuda fairways, the fact that you got to hit it in the fairway and the greens are very penalizing if you don’t hit them in the right spots.  You have to be pretty precise with your iron game.  I feel like it does suit me.

Q.  Did you play this golf course when you were at NC State?


Q.  Didn’t play Sedgefield?


Q.  Tim, you said the pins seemed tougher today.  Do you think they’ll continue to get tougher or not?

TIM CLARK:  It’s hard to say.  I think, you know, there were some today really difficult, the back of certain greens, on ledges and just tough to get close to.

You got to have a mix of pins on a golf course like this.  They’ll be a lot of tough ones and also be the easy ones.  They’re going to play about the same every day.  If it’s set-up this difficult on Sunday and the greens get really firm and quick, it will be it will be very tough.

Q.  Tim, Tim Herron had a big swing from like 76 to 61.  Is this the kind of golf course where it obviously can happen?  Do you expect to see those?

TIM CLARK:  Did he shoot 61 today?  That was a great round.  He was just in front of me.  I thought it played tougher than yesterday.

I would not have seen that score today on the course the way the pins were set-up.  That’s an amazing round and obviously now with the wind blowing in the afternoon I don’t think you’ll see it like that this afternoon.

MARK STEVENS:  Okay.  Everybody good?  Quiet bunch today.  Okay.  Thanks a lot, Tim.

TIM CLARK:  Thanks.


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