An Interview With: Tim Clark

Q.  I’m here with Tim Clark.  I’m going to count myself very honored getting to watch that ball striking display today.

TIM CLARK:  Yeah, I felt like I was in control of my ball probably better than the first two days and just wasn’t able to make the putts I needed but, you know, it’s nice to hit it like that today and obviously that’s going to do me good tomorrow.


Q.  You must be feeling good going into tomorrow with such control of the ball.  The putter, is that an issue or just leave yourself in spots that were hard to make from?

TIM CLARK:  No.  I just — I left a couple above the hole which that’s going to happen out here.  The first two days I was making those putts.  Nothing to worry about.  Just got to come out tomorrow and really be confident that I’m going to make them.


Q.  It appeared to me that playing with your good buddy, Sergio, was good for the overall atmosphere of the group.

TIM CLARK:  On the back-9 we started to make some birdies, which was nice.  He’s obviously playing really well right now and seems to be in control of his game, too.  It was a good pairing.


Q.  Tremendous, Timmy.  Have a great day tomorrow.

TIM CLARK:  Thank you.


Q.  Bunched up leaderboard.  Talk about tomorrow and the mindset.

TIM CLARK:  Today scoring was out there and obviously the leaders didn’t really get away, you know, from anyone.  I felt like we could have all shot a little bit lower but it’s going to be the same tomorrow, a shoot-out.  I think all the guys.  Several guys still in this tournament.


Q.  What’s your mindset, what do you need to correct by tomorrow, anything?

TIM CLARK:  I hit the ball great today.  I just need to make a few more putts.  That’s always the case on the weekend.  You got to make the crucial putts.  Nothing really to worry about, just got to come out tomorrow and hope they go in.


Q.  How much did you enjoy playing with Sergio today?

TIM CLARK:  It was fun.  Yeah, it was fun.  You know, obviously out there you’re concentrating on what you’re doing so when you’re that close to the lead there’s not too much chatter going on.  Obviously you’re focusing on what you’re doing and trying to stay in the tournament.


Q.  Did you guys play together on this course back in the — you didn’t play —



Q.  I know the crowd, all the ACC crowd.  Does that help you at all, do you think?

TIM CLARK:  Yeah, absolutely.  Absolutely.  You know, obviously it looked like Sergio had a lot more support out there than I did, but yeah, it’s good to see a lot of NC State people here and ACC people and obviously the leaderboard shows a lot of guys from this area.  So, you know, that is going to bring out the crowds tomorrow, I think.


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