An Interview With: Tim Clark

DOUG MILNE:  Okay  We’ll go ahead and jump right in.  We know Tim, we appreciate you big time coming in and chatting with us for a few minutes.  We know you said you’ve got flights to rebook and hotels to find and so forth.  We’ll keep you for a few minutes.

On the 6th hole you said today before the rains opened up I guess you were 1-under on the day.

Just some comments on how you’re feeling before the rain took over.

TIM CLARK:  Yeah.  Obviously it’s a tough situation for all of us but, you know.  I had a decent start, two birdies early on.  Unfortunately bogeying the par 5, looking to make a birdie.

I was in the fairway on 6.  Yeah, obviously we’d all like to continue playing.  You know, you get into a rhythm out there and want to keep going but it’s going to be the same for all of us and yes, just a tough situation, I guess.

DOUG MILNE:  Okay.  We’ll take a few questions before we let you go.

Q.  Tim, it really looked like you had established some momentum and got on the green at 5 and that’s when the downpour started. 

How did it affect you?

TIM CLARK:  It didn’t really affect the bogey that I made.  I missed the fairway, laid up and thought I actually hit a good third shot but came up short.  I didn’t think it was short with that shot I hit.

One of those things, it really didn’t have much to do with the rain but when we’re in 6th fairway that’s when they had to call it.  Water was running down the fairways and pooling on the greens.  You know, I wouldn’t say that rain affected anyone in a negative way while we were still playing.

Q.  This is kind of a two part question.  It rained all last night, as well.  So can you talk about how the rain from last night affected the early play for you guys at the top of the leaderboard and the second part of that question, how will the rain from today affect play tomorrow morning?

TIM CLARK:  Well, obviously for me I enjoy this course playing firm and fast and the rain we had last night was going to soften it up.  But the good side of that, too, they allowed us to play lift, clean and place.

I think it would have really hurt me had it been playing it down because then you’re dealing with mud on the ball and all sort of wet lies.  So, that kind of negates the fact that it’s wet.

You know, it’s going to obviously be sooping wet tomorrow.  The ball will be running nowhere.  It changes the course a little bit for me.  The greens will be a little bit softer.  I may be coming in some with longer clubs tomorrow.  The greens will be holding.  A little bit easier.

Q.  You told me at Colonial that your distance wasn’t all the way back, that you were X yards behind other guys.  Where is it now since May?

TIM CLARK:  I think I’m probably back to where I was before the injury.  Yeah, I’d say I’m back there.  Some days certainly better than others.  Yesterday I seemed to hit the ball a lot further than I did on Thursday and Friday so I have days where it really feels good and I’m able to get it out there but, overall, I feel like I’m back to where I was before.

DOUG MILNE:  Okay.  Tim, we sure appreciate your time coming in and best of the luck making all the arrangements and the golf gods will certainly be smiling on you for the time you took.



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