An Interview With: Tim Clark

Q.   Second here in Wyndham.  You like playing in North Carolina.

TIM CLARK:  Obviously started the week I would have been very happy with that.  I wanted to make a move in the FedExCup.  I’ve done that.  Obviously Sergio played great today.  Going to be tough to catch the way he finished.  Played some great golf.  Overall pretty happy.


Q.  You birdied 8 and then it looked like things slowed down through the backside.  You hit the ball into position a few times, though.

TIM CLARK:  I wasn’t a hundred percent comfortable out there, to be honest.  I didn’t feel that great with the putter.  I felt like I hit it pretty good but these greens just sped up so much from yesterday, it was incredible, so it was tough to get the putt with the distance.


Q.  That one on the left was pretty sweet, I’m sure.

TIM CLARK::  Obviously a lot riding on that.  One of those ones that happens to go in.  Big relief there but, you know, you certainly don’t expect to make those but obviously given me a big boost.


Q.  You must be feeling good going into the playoff run now.

TIM CLARK:  Yeah.  I’ve improved my position in tournaments pretty much the last four weeks I’ve played.  So, you know the game is starting to feel good.  I still get a little uncomfortable out there at times.  I think that’s a process of being off for so long and not being in position.


Q.  Timmy, it’s just a good play.  Best for The Playoffs.  Thank you.

What does a week like this do for you moving forward into The Playoffs?

TIM CLARK:  Does a lot for me.  Having missed a whole year and finally get myself in contention in tournaments means a lot to me.  Yeah, mine probably means more than people realize.  It’s a tough game and I fought hard this year and just glad to be back.


Q. I’ll ask you about The Playoffs now that you’re moving forward.  Does your mentality ever change at all, you’ve got to survive and advance?

TIM CLARK:  Five weeks ago I wasn’t even in The Playoffs.  I had to play some decent golf going in and now that I’ve hit my stride I’ve moved up somewhere in the 50s or low 60s.  It’s a big thing.  But now that you’re playing good golf you can really make a move.  I’m excited about the next weeks.


Q.  Big day in the world of golf with Augusta National announcing they are allowing two members to join.  What’s your reaction to that?

TIM CLARK:  I think it’s great.  It’s a sign of the times and Augusta is a top notch club.  Obviously about time and it’s a place I love and love going to.  It’s nice to see them make that move.


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