An Interview With: Webb Simpson

WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, I played well all day.  I made nothing.  I thought I hit, you know, all my lines on the greens except for one hole, No. 11, I pushed it but after I three-putted 16, I was still confident with the putter.

I got to figure out a way to get it done tomorrow.  I got to figure out a way to score and make putts and — but, you know, one of those things, the birdies make the bogies disappear.

Q.  You played enough golf.  The frustration, so many good looks there three, four holes in a row and couldn’t get it in there.

Is that frustrating to you at all?

WEBB SIMPSON:  It does a little bit.  I found myself trying to push and try to make birdies.  Maybe that’s why it happened on 16.  Just one of those things where, you know, in a week of golf you’re going to have days where you struggle and maybe you can get it at 2-under and today that’s what I needed, I needed a couple under but it was a big save on 18, I think.

At least I’m 4 back, I guess.  So 4 back is a lot better than 5 back.  See what happens.

Q.  Tee shot on 15, obviously you would like to have that back.

WEBB SIMPSON:  Just a bad swing.

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