An Interview With: Webb Simpson

Q.  Webb, your 63.  Beautiful, beautiful round by you.  Following up with a 66 yesterday.  What were you doing to well out there today?

WEBB SIMPSON:  You know, I think yesterday I was just calm.  I made a couple more putts today which was probably the only difference.  To play a round on a golf course this tricky without a bogey is always a good thing.

Q.  What has been your vibe today from the crowd that has given you such success that you want to carry into the weekend?

WEBB SIMPSON:  It’s been great.  We had a fun pairing, Captain Love, and Carl is playing some good golf.  So I knew it was going to be a fun first couple days.

When guys are making birdies in your group, you know, like we did yesterday, you just kind of feed off of it and luckily everybody played pretty well.

Q.  Pressing in front of you right now, the PGA TOUR Playoffs and the Ryder Cup team playing for Davis Love. 

Which is in the front part of your brain of those two right now?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Obviously right now I’m thinking about the FedExCup Playoffs but I talked to Davis a little bit more today about the team and just kind of what to expect and how I can prepare for my first Ryder Cup and, so, I’m definitely thinking about it but, you know, I’m just trying to play good tomorrow and work for The Playoffs.

I tell myself keeping going and hit good shots and make some putts.  Fortunately, I did that on the back.

Q.  Was there a point when you were really feeling it today?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Yeah.  I felt good kind of the whole game today.  Just one of those days where you really appreciate what you do just because its fun, go out there and play well, hit the ball where you’re looking and start your putts on line and you can do that for a full day, it’s always fun.

Q.  Not much of a factor.  Lot of people out here pulling for Webb Simpson.  That has to feel great.

WEBB SIMPSON:  It does.  I live an hour and a half away, I grew up an hour and a half way.  Went to school 20 minutes from here.  Tons of fans and media.  Good feeling when you hear people calling your name and rooting for you.

Q.  What about the last group today, were you thinking about that?

WEBB SIMPSON:  Not really.  One of those days where at one point I didn’t know how many under I was.  Just a great feeling of kind of focusing on the next shot.  I don’t feel that way that often.  I’m glad to be as far back there as I can get.



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