An Interview with: WILLIAM MCGIRT

Q.        William, long day on the golf course and then almost even longer day off the golf course.  Congratulations.

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  I appreciate it.  Seemed like this afternoon took longer than all four rounds to play.  Just been a nerve-racking afternoon.

Q.  Tell me about what it’s been like after you play, talked to us after you played and just how hard it was on the golf course.  How hard was it off the golf course?

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  It was very hard because I had no control over it.  You know, you sit here and I kept checking my phone, I’m in, I was out, I was in, I was out.

I finally gave up looking.  I mean there’s nothing I can do.  I had every opportunity out there today and didn’t really take advantage of it and I guess I got lucky and got some help from some guys but, you know, it’s been the longest afternoon of my life.  I just texted somebody and said Q-School was a lot easier than waiting around this afternoon.

Q.  Was it really?

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Much easier because I was on the course.  Just sitting around and waiting, knowing there’s nothing you can do you just drive yourself crazy and that’s what I did all afternoon.

Q.  In your rookie season, you’ve made it to The Playoffs.  What was the goal coming out of Q-School, just keeping your card?

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Yeah.  That was my first goal was to make sure I made The Playoffs and it looks like I’m going to sneak in by the skin of my teeth.  You can’t win the FedExCup sitting at home next week.  At least I’ve given myself a chance.

Q.  Two years ago Heath went in at 124 and almost won the whole darn thing.  It can be done.

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  It’s in the back of my mind.  I saw him in the parking lot earlier.  He said, “What was it looking like?”  I threw my shoulders up, I said, “I have no idea.”  He said, “Just hang in there.”

Q.        About this season, though, you got to be awfully proud of how you ground it out for the first season.

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  I’ve played a lot better than I scored every week.  I don’t know how many cuts I’ve missed by one shot.  I know it’s been a bunch.  I missed Greenbrier and Reno by a shot and honestly probably the four bet putts I hit all year were on the last two holes of each tournament.

So, you know, I played well.  I haven’t gotten the results I’ve been looking for but, you know, things can change.  Still got some tournaments left.

Q.  Good luck to you.  Thanks so much for the time.

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Thank you.  I appreciate it.

Q.  Kind of take me through the afternoon.  Once you finished did I hear you say you went out and followed Tommy?

WILLIAM MCGIRT:  Yes, from 6 through 11.  I kind of thought it was going to rain.  I just started coming back towards the clubhouse and stopped to talk to Mickey Bradley a little bit.



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