National Volunteer Week Spotlight: Kimberly Lambert

When Kimberly Lambert first began going to the Wyndham Championship, it was back in the 1960’s when she was a member of the brownies and girl scouts. In her time, every kid in town seemed to be helping out in some way, whether it was from the church, boy scouts or girl scouts.

For Lambert, that meant handing out pamphlets, information sheets and other papers. Then, she was promoted to cigarettes.

Now, 60 years later, Lambert has picked up right where she started, volunteering with the Wyndham. For the past few years, Lambert has worked with volunteer food as a chairman. Before that, she worked for some time in parking.

“When the delivery comes in from our different vendors, we receive it and make sure inventory is accurate,” Lambert said. “We get the count and then get our volunteers to supervise making sure everything is ready and communicating with people to come pick up their orders. And then, there are different areas that we need to deliver.”

Having volunteered at Forest Oaks, being at Sedgefield just means a little more.

“Being out here at Sedgefield, it’s close to home, and I enjoy the different changes they’ve made,” Lambert said.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to meet some of the players.

“I got the pleasure of unexpectedly giving some rides to the big names that arrived,” Lambert noted. “It’s really an opportunity to meet so many different people.”

“It’s like you’re a family and a team when you’re out here, interacting with one another,” Lambert said on what keeps her coming to the Wyndham. “Even in the other areas. Some people you see throughout the year and some people are like the friends that you only see every so often. We pick right up where we left off.”

The people are amazing here, no doubt, but for Lambert, there’s also a deeper importance to this event.

“There’s quite a bit behind the Wyndham Championship,” she said. “All that they do for the community. The different people that help, whether it’s new people or the elderly and so many others. It makes an impact for so many charities. You want to give, and it’s the giving that gives back.”

Thank you for giving, Kimberly!

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